Monday, January 26, 2015

Unpredictability of Life

Most of us have a good idea of what life will look like in a month or year ahead, but honestly none of us can be entirely 100% sure. Life changes unexpectedly at times. Jobs responsibilities may change, people sometimes need to move away, and hurricanes or tornadoes are a little closer than we'd like at times.

Honesty about the reality of life in this fact is not bad. We shouldn't always focus on the fact, but if we acknowledge it's true, it allows us to admit the great importance of the fact that God knows and directs life. We can still have hope and joy because our God is good and knows everything. We have great reason to worship him.

God is also always the same. He won't change, and he is good, so this is good news. There is at least one thing in life that we know is certain.

If we're Christians we know that he is with us now, and in the life to come we will be with him still, in an even greater sense. It's a beautiful future.

We can't predict the future but the future may bring blessings that we never would have imagined. New opportunities to minister or work. New friends.
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