Thursday, January 29, 2015

Respect in Worship

When we enter into the presence of God we should have a sense of reverence. It is easy to feel that our relationship with God should be carefree or have no need for reverence because of the close familial relationship which we are brought up in.

There are many churches who seem to accept the reverence needed before God and reject the close familial relationship or visa verse. The reality is that both are needed and should be accepted.

God asks us to come into a close familial relationship with himself. However the relationship is one where we need reverence and respect.

Often it is the case in scripture that ideas are found together which are not found in the world. This does not make the bible wrong but rather that God's ways are not our ways.

Fallen humanity often loses a sense of what is possible in life and goes into extremes. Life is either like this or like that.

An example is the idea of having a good life or obeying God as if obeying God is an obstacle to a good life rather than a path to a good life. Respect in worship goes hand in hand with the familial relationship we are invited into through the life and work of Jesus.
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