Saturday, January 31, 2015

6 Articles on Grace

We have many beautiful things because of God's grace: a relationship with God, life, and hope to name a few. A lot could be written about it. Here are six articles from this blog on the topic:

1. Grace which Moves. "Grace should move us to live out our Christian faith. It is our union with Jesus through faith which transforms us." 

2. Grace. "Grace is undeserved. People often wonder why God chose them. Why me and not someone else? ... The name of the Lord 'I Am' denotes pre-existence. It also denotes freedom. God will do what he pleases and when he pleases. He doesn't need man to approve or care if man approves. God is perfectly good, but his goodness is not like what many men consider God. Many people view bad as good."

3. Grace on Ourselves. "It is at times the case that God is more willing to have grace on us than we are willing to have on ourselves. There is a certain type of reflection on sin which is morbid and unbiblical. Jesus' work is sufficient."

4. Law and Grace in Cycle. "Law and Grace form a cycle in the bible. Law drives us to Grace. We know we need grace because of law. Grace teaches us to love and follow law. We cannot separate the two. "

5. Common Grace. "Common grace is a term for the grace which God bestows on all mankind. This is different than a saving grace. Since all men have sinned we all deserve the wrath of God. Common grace is the good which God brings on men in this current life."

6. Cheap Grace Is No Grace. "Most articulations of grace are very interesting. However one articulation of grace is fairly ugly 'cheap grace.' Cheap grace is roughly a position that says that once saved by grace one can live as one pleases. A number of people reject grace as independent form law because of the fear of cheap grace. The reality is grace is apart from works. But by ones works you can perceive the truth of the grace. A saving faith will never be followed by a life with no fruit."
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