Monday, February 2, 2015

The Details

Often faithfulness to God is much more mundane than we like to think. We often think of faithfulness to God in huge things.

At time God may call us to large tasks. Sometimes the tasks are quite small. We may not be called to save the world but to volunteer in a small way.

It is easy to dream of doing great things but end up doing nothing because we are overwhelmed by our dreams. It is often important to just start and do something.

Where that something takes us we often do not know but doing something to actively serve God is always of more use than dreaming of big ways to serve God. It is not that big dreams are wrong.

The church has frequently been blessed because of large dreams. But it is always large dreams which have been actively pursued which the church has been blessed with.

It is never big dreams which stay in one's head as an intellectual talking point for many years and never get attempted. Often those who do the most for God do a multitude of small things for God.
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