Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Importance of How

We live in a world that evaluates results and does not like to ask questions of how people got where they got.  Often in life we are presented with choices of how to get places.

Sometimes success requires sacrifices of one sort or another.  In life how we get to where we get is always more important in God's eyes than where we get.

Sometimes in faith we can fail to reach an accomplishment because we weigh the cost of the accomplishment rightly.  It is often the case than many successful careers have destroyed families and marriages.

Often we need to look at life in total and not isolation.  Being available 24/7 while it might be good for a career might not be good for a family.  Often we have to find contentment in what we have.

The feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side is often illusory.  Sometimes the grass is greener, but often life is a complex series of trade offs.

Seeking success too strongly in one sphere of life may destroy all other spheres.  The bible always reminds us to judge rightly and not by the worlds standards.

How we get to where we get and the cost it takes to get there are not unimportant in God's eyes. Always we need to judge true success by God's standards and not mans.
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