Monday, June 8, 2015

A Selective Biblicism

Often we see a selective use of the bible in churches or Christian's lives. I had experiences with a Christian which caused me to end our relationship.

His response to me was that we should follow the teaching of God and work things out and reconcile. He went on to tell me how I was completely in the wrong on all points and that I needed to accept that everything between us was my fault.

The spirit of the response was in fact the entire reason the relationship had ended. There was no working through things between us. He was always right and I was always wrong (in his view).

The issue aside there is a spirit of biblical principle which is being selectively used. We can of course work things out in the spirit of God seeking understanding and dialogue but we cannot work things out if the person "seeking dialogue" and "reconciliation" is really simply looking to get our way.

It is often like this in life that we find people adopt or reject parts of scripture as it suits them. Scripture is often inconvenient. Living in love and seeking dialogue takes time. True biblical living requires us at times to question ourselves and our motives. It takes time to live out our faith.

God knows that we have failed and will fail and loves us anyway. It is Jesus' perfect life that God counts as our holiness.
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