Friday, June 12, 2015

The Spirit of Prayer

Often the spirit of prayers is more important than the specifics.  There is often a great debate  about what we should pray for.

While I suppose there is a use in debating what we should pray for I believe we should be more concerned with the heart of prayer.   Coming to God with needs and without answers is often more helpful than coming with a plan.

You see we often overthink ourselves.  We decide what God should do and then see how we can help God can go about making it happen.

Often we simply need to admit a lack of answers and be open to the fact that we do not know what is needed.  When we are humble we are open to the leading of God.

Too often we try to figure out the need before going to God when we should instead go to God to ask what the need is.  Often praying for wisdom is far more important than praying for results.
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