Saturday, June 20, 2015

Theological Discussion Is a Dialogue

Theological discussion requires dialogue.  This sentence in some sense seems not worth stating or writing about.  Discussion is dialogue by definition.

Too often, however, our sinful condition turns theological discussion [or discussion of any kind] into multiple monologues which alternate.

Any discussion of theology requires listening.  If we cannot listen we cannot discuss.  We can of course state our own views without listening.  Even if our views are entirely right we have not really discussed anything if we have not listened.

Really good discussion takes time.  Too often we find it expedient to not spend time to actually listen and understand.  Of course any time saved in this way tends to be wasted time  because it leads to unnecessary misunderstanding and later issues.

At times I believe that theological discussions are rushed for lack of time.  They would be better served to be tabled until there is actually time to discuss the matters at hand.

Dialogue always involves speaking to others, not at others.  Christian dialogue should be characterized by love.  Love  requires special concern about others and we cannot dialogue in love without listening and understanding.
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