Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Words to Edify

As Christians we should speak to edify. If we are more concerned with defending our self or being above criticism than we are about edifying others or up building the church and reaching out into the world then we are not speaking as Christians.

The gospel is radical. The Christian message is at times upsetting because it points out the hypocrisy and difficulties in the heart of mankind.

If as Christians our speech never meets with resistance we may need to consider the fact that we may have sold out. The gospel aims to bring peace among all mankind and between mankind and God. We would think that to preach Christianity and live Christianity might be easy.

But inside mankind there is a resistance to the truth. Often at the most beautiful moments of scripture where unity and peace is taught we find anger.

To teach Christ at times brings difficulty. We should not be concerned that we stray from the way if we are criticized.

If we are never wrongly critiqued by others we have not taught the Christian message. We had watered down the message of the gospel which has always meet resistance in one form or another into something less than the gospel.
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