Monday, August 3, 2015

Keeping Focus on the Cross

We need to keep our focus on the cross. Jesus entered the world and many followers believed he was bringing about a political kingdom.

But Jesus had far greater plans. Jesus planned to bring about an future eternal kingdom in the age to come for all who would come in faith.

If Jesus has been willing to settle the days problems with a political kingdom it would have been a tragedy. The tragedy today in the church is that the church has become increasingly willing to settle for a political kingdom instead of proclaiming a future eternal kingdom.

And because the world rejects Jesus the present day political kingdom is crumbling. The church is far to easily pleased.

The church should not be pleased perusing a political kingdom, but rather an ethereal kingdom. If the cross is not proclaimed Jesus is not glorified.

All political agendas no matter how noble are a stumbling block if they get in the way of the gospel being proclaimed by the church. The church cannot in any faithfulness to God move into the political realm by neglecting the gospel.

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