Saturday, August 8, 2015

Less is more in Ministry

We live in a culture obsessed with more. More is always better.

We often have revelations that less may be more. Of course the idea is not new, but it is new to us.

God has always told man that less is often more. It is everywhere through scripture. Three hundred men with God is more than ten thousand without God.

Ninety percent with God is more than one hundred present without God. Six days of work with God is better than seven days of work without God.

Often pastors and ministers get and teach the point. But they often fail to live it. They miss that their ministry is hampered because often they live as if more is more rather than less is more.

If we wish to grow the church, then it should be grown God's way. One pastor related that he tried to grow his church tirelessly for years with no effect and it damaged his life. Finally when he placed his ministry into balance then his church grew.

Of course many pastors grow churches by tireless effort. Ministry of all forms is tiring. But hard work with rest is God's plan. And often I believe many ministers would find the results of their ministry improved if at times they lived out the idea of Sabbath as if they actually believed scripture.

We often believe scripture, but not enough so to live it out. To really truly reach the final level of belief on any scriptural topic is to live it out. If we have still failed to live out the scriptural point in life we have still failed to believe it fully to some degree.
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