Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Allowing God to be God

Often we need to keep an open mind about what God will do.  God is often a God of many surprises.

We expect this or that and he does something else.  It isn't as if God is random, rather is it that he sees the whole picture and we look at the tiny threads of life.

We often fail to see our limits and lack of perception of the whole picture.  We feel we can make better judgments than God although we often have very limited information.

We need to humble ourselves and allow God to chip through our pride.  God has the answers and not us.

If we feel God is wrong the issue is at our end and not at God's.  We often simply need to step back and remind ourselves of who we are.  Our flaws, our limits, and our lack of knowledge.

And trust that God's goodness and wisdom is sufficient.
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