Monday, October 5, 2015

Being Someone in Ministry

Often our ministry to others hinges more on who we are than it does on the words we say. Words are critical but the reality of who we credibly are is far more vital.

A minister who is a workaholic cannot credibly preach on rest. We can only teach others what we already live ourselves.

Often we accomplish so little in ministry because we focus too much on doing and not enough on being. Often once we are the person God intends us to be than we can accomplish things.

Of course we will never be perfect and we should never let our imperfections make us feel inadequate to serve. If we know we are inadequate we have likely learned far more than we imagine. The natural mind never sees itself as spiritually inadequate.

God is always with us in our efforts but our efforts are greatly magnified by first becoming someone. Who we are has a great influence on the success of what we say.
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