Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Everyday

Do people often overlook the simple beauty in everyday? Absolutely.

Many times every moment becomes a moment to think about the next vacation that is in a far away location, or some way to convince another person we are truly somehow exciting or different than others. When that happens, all focus or attention is lost to the beauty in simple things that is sitting there.

It's time though to accept, appreciate, and really invest in the blessings that we already have. People love to make everyday life seem dull and trivial--by calling it mundane or ordinary or assuming every day taken off of work should be to a far away location. It's also a good time to watch our words in this area and realize why complaining is detrimental.

It takes a little bit of work to love the details of simple days. If you take a walk, you can just enjoy the sun or the color or the reflection of light. It's amazing to think about how all of it works and is beyond what humans can create. A nice, caring touch of our creator.

Cooking, one of the most routine tasks, can be a time of interesting reflection. So much variations in color and texture and taste. God could have created it all to be one color, but we have so much to look at and try.

Worship, or being grateful to and thinking of God, can happen there, in the everyday. Taking time to notice the little things that make life a little easier and praising God for them.
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