Friday, October 9, 2015

It is too Difficult

At times a point is raised in casual Christian discussion about if the bible teaches this or that. Often someone will object, but "it is too difficult," or, "we cannot know what it means."

Is it too hard to understand or are we avoiding the issue? If it seems that the bible may say something can we really excuse ourselves after a minute of contemplation saying the task cannot be understood. Or are we just offering an excuse to avoid the issue at hand.

Or is the teaching really too difficult to live out? If God has taught that we should live a teaching out God has given us resources to live the teaching out.

Maybe we cannot understand the teaching or feel we cannot live the teaching because we have not spent enough time. The bible is blessedly inconvenience.

I say blessedly because the bible is not satisfied with "good enough ethics" or a "not being a bother to society ethic." The bible is an active power.

God knows we will fail and loves us unconditionally, but God asks us to follow Jesus. Wherever Jesus leads us we will follow.

When God called Jonah to Nineveh it was a blessed inconvenience to save many souls. Sometimes we simply need to trust that God's wisdom is above our wisdom.

If we disagree with God it is not that God is wrong, but rather that we are limited. Even if we intend well we lack the vantage point to see God's wisdom.
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