Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Hard Sayings in the Bible

People often find it hard to say what appears in the Bible: "I am a sinner" and "The world is fallen."

One way to help accept this biblical truth is to have the other part of the story next to it. For example: "I am a sinner, but the Holy Spirit is with me, helping me, and Christ has forgiven my sins, so there is still hope." And: "The world is fallen, but there is common grace, and given the beauty I see now in that, how even more beautiful everything will be in the future!"

If we don't admit these two truths, it can be easy to fall into perfectionism and a judgmental attitude either towards ourselves or others. We need to accept that life will be hard, and that human nature just tends to be impatient and unwise at times, but we have a Father that desires for our wellbeing and loves us for who we are in Him.
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