Saturday, October 17, 2015

Something To Look Forward To

People sometimes say a specific thing keeps them going--keeps them excited about life or gives them something to look forward to. Often that is the next vacation or the next academic degree they will get, or the next career move/promotion or something related to a child's accomplishment. But what if those things might not be doable due to age or money or other reasons?

One thing that never gets old is learning about God and the Bible. The fact that the Bible is so large can be overwhelming, but it also has the blessing of having so much to read and learn about.

Due to our human nature, it's easy to feel we have read it all already or at least get the gist of the Bible and not want to do much more. But when we do sit down to read parts of it, it often fills us with comfort or makes us wonder more about life and how to really love others, or can help put us back in the right mindset.

There's also a lot of commentaries or recorded sermons that can help us understand parts we have questions about, or even ones that seem simple--a commentary can sometimes add another interesting point--like how it relates to other places in Scripture.
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