Friday, October 23, 2015

What is Clear

Often there are many events in scripture where the main historical events are clearly described, but some of the details are left out. Scripture is written for our edification and growth not to satisfy every curiosity we have.

Often there is debate about the minor details of what happened in a text. The debate usually misses the point. Scripture did not care to elaborate on the details.

We want to speculate what all the minor nuances of the event are. We are confused because we miss the point that scripture has told us all we need to know.

It is not that scripture could not have given us more details. But the untold details are not relevant the the point of the text.

It is especially unfortunate when Christians want to argue about the details of a text which the text does not have concern about.

We always need to keep the focus in theology on what scripture finds important. When we feel that scripture lacks something which we would wish to know we need to realize that scripture was created as it is for a reason.

God has withheld nothing good from us. Even though our sinful nature at times feels that God has withheld things from us.

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