Friday, December 11, 2015

Living Out Our Faith

As Christians we are called to live out our faith. It is easy to become overly interested what living our our faith entail. It as as if living our our faith is a complicated formula we must figure out before we begin to live out our faith.

The reality is that if we are seeking to love God we often are best suited by simply acting on opportunities which exist around us. It is not that thinking about living out of faith is of no use. Thinking about living out our faith is often of use, but often we spend so much time thinking about living out our faith that we fail to act.

If we truly seek to live out our faith we should not hesitate to grasp the opportunities which present themselves around us. Questions of if the opportunities are the best fit for us are often of little use.

God uses those of willing hearts. It is ultimately not us, but God who brings success to us as we work out our faith in the world.
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