Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Spirit of Apologetics

Christian apologetics should be done for the glory of God. For this reason it is important that apologetics is done in a distinctively Christian way. The way the world argues and the way the church argues are often very different.

The churches most powerful tool is love. Love empowered by the Spirit of God in us. If we live out the supernatural love of Jesus then we will already have given the most powerful apologetic for Jesus.

The most powerful witness of the church through history has been when the church shows inexplicable love to the world. If we love God and love our neighbor we will make others wonder what is different.

Often those in the world who argue for a position or change have a great lack of Charity. It is their way or the highway. If one does not follow then one is confused or has lack of character.

Jesus reaches out with compassion and not judgement on the confused. Any apologetic for the Church must be full of patience and grace. Full of compassion for those it disputes with.

Only when we truly live out our faith does apologetic have its true power. Love is at the center of all things. If God is for us who can be against us. God always wills that his work be done in his way.
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