Saturday, January 9, 2016

Key Evangelical Distinctives

Speaking Out on the Current Controversies at Wheaton College

The most interesting point from the post 'As philosopher Lydia McGrew writes, “it’s going to come down to how important one thinks the various similarities and differences are.”' Coming shortly after the author references the trinity and divinity of Jesus.

While the text is purposefully ambitious the question by implication is that the Trinity and Divinity of Jesus are not important Evangelical teachings. I may write a post in several years on "Why I am no longer an Evangelical" if being an Evangelical in the future on longer consists in an important degree of having any concern about the Trinity or Divinity of Jesus.

The nature of God in the Trinity and nature of Jesus as fully God and fully Man are not points that Christians can take halfheartedly. The questions are central to the gospel.

It is disappointing how the Evangelical church is moving away from central gospel teachings and more into the political realm. Concern for political activism at the expense of Christian truth is not a Christian calling.

We are called to reach out to the world in a way faithful with the truth we have been taught by Jesus.
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