Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Gospel above Issues

Often there are many in the church who have political issues they feel strongly about which are placed at a higher priority than the gospel. They are always concerned about this or that cause, but never about the gospel.

We as Christians can never rightly concerned about causes without having concern for the gospel.

It is as if many Christians are like Lewis's character in the Screwtape Letters. While we may not have been pushed into completely meaningless thought we have been totally diverted to secondary matters.

We seem to have gotten the notion that getting non-Christians to live out Christian ethics is more important than their eternal status with God. We should have great concern for their status with God as our first priority.

The gospel saves people not legislating morality. We need to preach the gospel of reconciliation through Jesus.

If we have not worked to further the kingdom of God through the furthering the spreading of the gospel we have not yet sufficiently lived out our Christian faith.

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