Thursday, October 9, 2014


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Michelle Dowell, Contributor

Individualism is not new to our time and culture. New technologies may allow for more ways to work and be entertained alone. In the past, the cultural expectations might have forced people to do things together more often, but there's no way to know if people had more of a heart to be with and care for others.

Individualism is a result of pride. Pride, which includes thinking that we can do everything on our own, is not new. The Bible talks about it. Proverbs reminds us to be willing to listen to advice and instruction.

If we see ourselves in humility, we know that there is so much to learn and enjoy from others. We should be willing to want to be with others, especially those who seem trustable and know God's word well.

When a strong emphasis is placed on the culture being individualistic, it's possible that people might miss what's in their own heart.
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