Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Story Is Not about Us

Often we think the story of the world is about us.  Maybe we take a step back and say that the story of the world is about each and every individual person equally.

In the moment that we feel the story is about each person equally we are far closer to the truth than when we feel the story of the world is about us.  But we need to take another step back.

The story of the world is more about God than it is about us.  It may seem strange at first thought, but ultimately God created us and sustains us.  You see that in the beginning of the world and at the end of the world is God.

At the height of the story of the world we find God taking on flesh and living among us to save us from ourselves.  Theologians often talk about God entering into history.  It is certainly a true statement with a lot to think about.  But really we often get carried away and feel that history has its own life.

Really all of history is linked to God's story.  It is about how people respond or do not respond to God and the consequences of fallen man's disobedience and rejection of God's plan in the world.  Always the main character in the story is God and we find it easy to forget this fact.
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