Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Tips on Offering a Critique or Suggestion

When considering if it's the right time to offer a critique or suggestion to someone or about someone, keep in mind the following three things in order to have a profitable and loving discussion:

1. Be sure you truly understand what you disagree with or want to suggest needs to be changed. "You often see prolonged discussions or arguments that could be avoided by simply explaining what we mean by a term," writes Danny in "Charity in Communication." "Getting others' views right is a part of love. Disagreeing in the proper spirit is Christian.

"Disagreeing in the improper spirit is not Christian even if we are correct. You see truth and love must go together. Truth without love is not Christian."

2. Is there a solution to the problem that you're pointing out? If not, "it is quite disheartening to be told that you are 'on the wrong path' career wise or in another way but to not be told what the right path is," says Danny in "Unloving Advice." "A critique with no superior solution is a worthless critique.

"To say a solution is poor but to not have any idea of a better solution is at best a waste of breath and in fact more likely unloving. To criticize without giving hope is completely un-Christian in spirit.

"We should build up others. If we cannot be building up and offering a better approach than it is best that we say nothing at all."

3. Is there something that you can do to help the problem that you're pointing out? It's easy to critique others and other cultures but not ourselves and our own culture. Read more in "Critique of the Other."
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